2022 Tech Spend is Exploding

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Get an Inside Look into 2022 Tech Spend, Budgets, Business Strategies and Challenges.

2022 promises to be a lucrative year for those organizations that can tie their solutions to the most impactful business issues, and can demonstrate—during the sales process—that they are uniquely qualified to help tech leaders overcome the challenges they see on the horizon.

In this webinar, Sales Community Founder Randy Seidl and Emissary's Chief Research and Strategy Officer Seleste Lunsford, look at the explosion of tech budgets in 2022 and what salespeople need to know about tech buyer's strategies and challenges.

To provide a buyer point of view, Emissary surveyed 806 executive-level tech buyers to understand what they see on deck for 2022 business strategies, budgets, and challenges.

Close (More Than) Your Share of the 2022 Tech Budget: