Gaining Access to Power
in a Remote World

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One of the most long-standing hurdles in sales remains how to reach the sought-after decision-makers. And in a newly remote sales environment, the path to the CXOs gets a bit trickier.

As businesses face unprecedented hurdles, it's become more important than ever that you have a deep understanding of what's going on within your target accounts. Only then are you able to break through the noise and service your buyers effectively.

With the advice of our top Emissary advisors who have owned budget and held technology buying power, we've put together this free playbook to help you discover:
  • Three different virtual routes you can take to land an intro with the C-Suite — and which path makes the most sense for you
  • The internal and external factors affecting technology investment decisions that you need to understand in preparation for any meeting or pitch
  • Tips for delivering a pitch to the C-Suite that speaks to the right challenges, addresses the right problems, and hits the right tone
  • How to maintain personal relationships with the C-Suite after you land a deal and work to remain a relevant and long-term strategic partner

Gaining Access to Power in a Remote World