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Stress Test the Four C's in Your ABM Program to Maximize Your 2021 Results

ABM in 2021 should look distinctly different than in 2020. But that doesn’t mean a return to 2019 strategies and tactics. A distinct approach will be required.

One trend has held true from past recessions and disruptions: companies that win during a time of transition will earn a sustained edge in the future. Leaders can leverage ABM as a key strategy to drive this advantage, starting by challenging the underlying assumptions that define their programs and stress-testing them for 2021 effectiveness.

In this white paper, we'll revisit the four Cs that drive ABM success:

  • Companies: Does your target account list accurately reflect current market potential? Or past conditions?

  • Contacts: Do your persona definitions and decision-maker lists reflect recent changes to technology buying roles?

  • Communication: Is your messaging flexible enough to bridge between immediate “fix it” needs and longer-term transformational strategies?

  • Conversion: Are you extending ABM support far enough along the entire customer journey?


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